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Reduce lag, remove unneeded scripts
Lag or latency in Second Life can be reduced by residents diligently removing resize/recolor scripts from hair, shoes, boots, jewelry, and other attachments whenever possible. Most apparel or attachments that enable the user to resize or recolor the item include scripts which, once used, can be removed. This reduces Sim latency and can provide the user with a better real-time experience in Second Life.
Before deleting scripts, make a copy of the original script enabled item. Most vendors provide items like shoes and hair with "Modify/Copy/No Transfer" permissions. This allows the user to make a copy of the original as a backup in case you ever need to go back and resize/recolor/reconfigure the object. Unfortunately some vendors provide their products with "No Copy/Transfer" permissions which makes it impossible for the user to make a backup copy. In the case of "No Copy" items the owner is forced to decide between keeping the script functionality or reducing the lag induced by the item.
Once a backup copy has been made (if possible) and the product has been resized or otherwise configured to taste, you can delete the script(s). This is usually accomplished by simply clicking a "Delete", "Delete Scripts", "Remove", or somesuch button in the item's resize/configure menu. Most vendors will include a notecard with specific instructions for how to remove any scripts.