The DFM Chat Network is running on our own servers and although publicly accessible it is a private network. The environment we provide is friendly, accepting, enjoyable and that is the way we keep it. We are not going to publish a not-to-do list, if one has any common sense there shouldn't arise any problem. DFM operators will remove/ban on the spot any offender to this unwritten list with or without notice. For all others our operators will do whatever in their power to provide assistance with anything that will enhance your DFM experience, just get on the channel and ask. Have some patience if there is no immediate response, likely everyone is busy elsewhere then, but you will be noted!

Installed IRC Clients and Plug-ins will connect if you JUST CLICK HERE!

    1. Start up the IRC CLIENT
    2. Type: /server irc.dfm.nu
    3. Wait until server connection is made
    4. Type: /join #DFM
    1. Start up the IRC CLIENT
    2. Add server: irc.dfm.nu
    3. Set port to: 6667
    4. Add channel: #DFM
A good simple trick, if you are using mIRC, is to copy the startup
icon and rename it to 'DFM Chat'. Now right-click it and open
the Properties. On the Target line you can add the following:
to connect to the server :-s irc.dfm.nu
to join the channel:-j #DFM
Example: "C:\Program Files\Mirc\mirc.exe" -sirc.dfm.nu -j#DFM
Click OK. Now you have a direct link to the DFM Chat Network.
This trick might also work with other IRC clients. See its
documentation and look for commandline options.

Freeware IRC Clients
XiRCON for Windows, v1.0 b4
Xchat for Windows & Linux
Irssi for Linux
Colloquy for Mac OS X
Newspeak for Mac OS X, v1.7
AndroIRC for Android
AndChat for Android
YAAIC for Android (operators choice!)
EPIC ircii for most UNIX platforms
jIRCii Java Client (Windows, MacOS X, Linux)
Not Freeware IRC Apps
Colloquy for Ipad/Iphone
LimeChat for Ipad/Iphone
Rooms for Ipad/Iphone
Do you know of any good freeware IRC app for Ipad/Iphone, please let us know!
Most common commands:
/server address:portConnects you to that server and port
/join #channelJoin #channel (don't forget the #)
/part #channelLeave just #channel (keep others open)
/quit (msg)Disconnect from server (with optional message)
/nick nameChange your (nick-)name
/msg nick textSends 'text' as private message to 'nick'
/query nickGo into private chat with 'nick'
/notice nick textSends textline privately to 'nick'
(with priority flag)
/ignore nickIgnores all messages/chat from 'nick'
/clearClear the chat message screen
/me textDisplays text in "action style"
 NB! Commands are always preceeded with a:   /   (forward slash)
 NB! Channels are always preceeded with a:   #   (hash sign)