Handy Stuff
= DFM Operators Choice

Audio/Stream Players

To listen to music and live streams

WinAmp295_Lite.exe Windows WinAmp v2.95 (Lite) *1 Operators Choice! 708kb
xmms-1.2.11.tar.gz Linux X MultiMedia System v1.2.11 4.3Mb
Music_Radio_Recorder_1.97.apk Android Music Radio Recorder v1.97 2.2Mb
*1 = 2.95 is de best of the old WinAmp series. If you want a simple but perfect
Multimedia/Stream Player without unneeded extra's, grab this version.
It can be extended with plugins to do the same as newer versions.
Under Options (ALT+O) / Setup switch the new version checking OFF

Audio Recorders

Records "what u hear" to disk (analogue copy)

HarddiskOgg252.zip Windows Basic Audio Recorder *2 643kb
Operators Choice!
Windows Audio Recorder with Scheduler/Timer *2 780kb
mp3DirectCut Windows, Android Audio Recorder & Lossless Editor; cut/normalise/fade/etc *2 site
Audacity Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux Easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder site
Music_Radio_Recorder_1.97.apk Android Music Radio Recorder v1.97 2.2Mb
*2 = Also get this Lame_Enc_DLL_v3.99.5.zip file (225k) and unzip that into your
Windows folder or in the application folder itself. This is the latest
free encoding engine for MP3 and needed with these applications.


Stream Rippers

Copies a stream to disk (digital copy) *3

StreamRipper_v32.2.6.exe Windows Simple stand-alone StreamRipper GUI 818kb
StreamRipper_WinAmp_Plugin_v1.64.6.exe Windows WinAmp 2.*/5.* StreamRipper Plugin or Stand Alone (also Console version incl.) 2.6Mb
StreamRipper_WinAmp_Plugin_v1.62.2.exe Windows WinAmp 2.*/5.* StreamRipper Plugin 950kb
StreamRipper_Console_v1.61.27.zip Windows StreamRipper (console) Commandline version
For advanced users!
StreamRipperX1.05.dmg Mac StreamRipperX; for OS X 364kb
StreamRipper-1.62.3.tar.gz Linux StreamRipper v1.62.3 1.3Mb
Music_Radio_Recorder_1.97.apk Android Music Radio Recorder v1.97 2.2Mb
*3 = For ripping the DFM streams use following URL's:
HiSpeed/Stereo = http://stereo.dfm.nu
LoSpeed/Mono = http://mono.dfm.nu

Encoders & Tools

Record to disk and/or stream to a server

Operators Choice!
Windows M3W v3.3 - Very good & versatile Live Encoder*2 631kb
LadioCast v0.9.2
Operators Choice!
Mac LadioCast v0.9.2; Audio mixing and Icecast2 source client software for internet audio streaming
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Jack OS X Mac Connecting Audio (and MIDI) from any application to any application site
Soundflower Mac Inter-application Audio Routing Utility site

Handy Stuff

good to have around

Operators Choice!
Windows Powerful and yet easy-to-use tool to edit metadata (ID3, Vorbis Comments and APE) of common audio formats (MP3, OGG, ACC, more)
Perfect to structure your Recordings/MP3 Archive
Operators Choice!
Windows DSclock - Nice configurable desktop clock with atomic time syncing. v1.5r
Perfect replacement for Windows clock/Time Sync service
Windows FreeCountdownTimer - Great multi countdown/alerts program, all in 1 window. v3.1 2Mb